Concerned citizens, elected representatives and leading experts have called for a comprehensive and transparent review of the Fraser Surrey Docks coal export proposal since it was first brought to wide attention in 2012.

The message put forward has been consistently the same: local communities deserve to have meaningful input into decisions that will impact their future.

Mayor, City of Vancouver, to Port Authority December 3, 2012

I am concerned that these proposals are being considered in the absence of full public consultation that would allow residents and businesses to have input.

Letter to Port Authority from Health Leaders December 17, 2012

We respectfully suggest that you have an ethical obligation to postpone any decisions on these two coal export proposals until you have developed a broader and more inclusive decision making process which is capable of evaluating the cumulative regional health impacts of proposals under your consideration.

Letter from Health Authorities to Port Authority December 17, 2012

HIA can add value to the existing environmental impact assessment process and improve meaningful public engagement for new projects such as the proposed expansions of coal loading capacities in the Fraser Surrey Docks and Neptune Terminal, where both proposals will introduce a new type of goods (coal) and an increase in rail traffic in some communities, and increased coal rail traffic above current level in other communities.

Letter from City of White Rock to the Port Authority March 15, 2013

First, we are concerned that there was absolutely no public consultation with the Citiy of White Rock whatsoever until four hours before this matter was to be considered by Council on March 11, 2013. Indeed, it was only by reading an article in the newspapers that we became aware that the BNSFR was going to be hauling coal to FSD. As all the BNSFR traffic has to go through White Rock, it would seem to be a “no brainer” that White Rock should have received notification…. In conclusion, we ask for the following: 1. A meaningful consultation process before the approvals are given for the FSD proposal…

Dr Paul Van Buynder, Chief Medical Health Officer for Fraser Health, letter to Port Authority May 27, 2013

I recommend that the proponents be required to undertake the HIA, that the terms of reference of the HIA be agreed with my office prior to the commencement and that the independent contractors employed to undertake the activity be approved by my office prior to the commencement of the review.

Letter from Metro Vancouver to Port AuthorityJuly 26, 2013

Metro Vancouver routinely involves the Vancouver Coastal Health and Fraser Health Authorities in our permit review processes, and we suggest that their inclusion in the referral process is needed. As you are aware, a request for a formal voice in the Port Metro Vancouver planning and project review processes was made by both health authorities in a joint letter submitted to you on December 17, 2012. The Metro Vancouver Board supports the inclusion of health impact assessment in the review and decision making processes for expanded and new coal handling infrastructure within the region.

Provincial Health Officer Dr Perry Kendall supports Health Authority call for Health Impact Assessment of coal export expansion July 10, 2013

I think it would be eminently sensible.

Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts to Port Authority CEO Robin Silvester July 18, 2013

A formal public hearing is a sound means by which to ensure that the public’s concerns are fully understood by the decision makers before a decision is made.

City of White Rock to Port Authority July 30, 2013

WHEREAS there has been no meaningful consultation process before the approvals are given for the FSD proposal between the City of White Rock and the FSD, Port Metro Vancouver, the BNSFR and Transport Canada; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT, based on the wide ranging impacts, (business, social, environmental) the City of White Rock is opposed to the proposed FSD’s direct transfer coal facility and request that Port Metro Vancouver cease its consideration of the FSD application.

Dr Paul Mariquet, Medical Health Officer, Vancouver Coastal Health, Sunshine Coast Region September 13, 2013

Substantive community consultation will be a critical component of the acceptability of the outcome of the HIA.

Powell River Mayor David Formosa to Minister of the Environment Mary Polak October 10, 2013

Council respectfully requests that a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment and Health Impact Assessment be required and completed for the Strait of Georgia, including Texada Island, Lasqueti Island and Powell River, to thoroughly study all the environmental and health risks and implications associated with the permit amendment application.

City of Langley Motion October 21, 2013

THAT Council express support for letters sent to Port Metro Vancouver from the Fraser Health & Coastal Health Authorities regarding the need for a Health Impact Assessment on the port expansion project due to the effects of transport and storage of coal in Metro Vancouver.

City of Surrey Motion October 28, 2013

That Council not support the proposed expansion of thermal coal exports at Surrey Fraser Docks until:  1. an independent third-party Health Impact Assessment that addresses the concerns outlined by Fraser Health Authority has been completed; and  2. Port Metro Vancouver holds formal public hearings regarding the proposed project at Surrey Fraser Docks.

Health Authority Response to Coal Export EIA November 13, 2013

Importantly, there was no information with respect to actions or decisions from local government following presentations from FSD to the mayors and councils. We remind Port Metro that the Board of Directors of Metro Vancouver have called for a health impact assessment of the project… In our letter of September 25, 2013 we requested that the health authorities be provided with an opportunity to assist in the scoping of the EIA. This offer still stands…

City of New West Response to Coal Export EIA December 4, 2013

The EIA appears to be primarily a consolidation and summary of previous studies and does not appear to meet the Fraser Health Authority requirements for a Health Impact Assessment. As the EIA leaves unresolved a number of questions related to health and environment, it is considered that the city cannot support the proposal at this time.

City of Burnaby Notice of Motion January 22, 2014

WHEREAS the Environmental Impact Assessment report produced by SNC-Lavalin is deemed unsatisfactory by the Chief Medical Health Officers of the Fraser Health Authority and Vancouver Coastal Health; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Burnaby strongly oppose any expansion of coal shipment facilities at the Fraser Surrey Docks and Neptune Terminals until: a) a more comprehensive and transparent assessment of coal dust impact on human health is completed by independent experts; and b) Port Metro Vancouver holds formal public hearings on the proposed expansion of coal exports from the Surrey Fraser Docks and Neptune Terminals facilities.”

Corporation of Delta to Port Authority March 12 2014

I still have not received any acknowledgement to our request that Port Metro Vancouver defer consideration of this project until such time as an independent interagency review committee is established and that recommendations from this committee are implemented.

Interagency Review Committee to Port Authority May 6, 2014

The Fraser Surrey Docks proposal has generated considerable public health concern in the Metro Vancouver region. This Committee wishes to see those concerns addressed through an open and transparent process accompanied by the provision of accurate, unbiased information…. With respect to Fraser Surrey Docks’ human health risk assessment, the Committee is concerned about the limited scope of the review, deficiencies in methodology and the lack of opportunity for input from relevant agencies. In essence the Fraser Surrey Docks’ document is not a health impact assessment in its intended meaning.