Proposed permit amendment would see coal freighters travelling up the Fraser River

Fraser Surrey Docks recently announced a proposal to amend their permit for a coal port on the Fraser River.  The company now wants to bring large, ocean going freighters right to Surrey to load US thermal coal for export to Asia.  The company also wants to keep the option of sending open barges of coal down the Fraser River and across the Strait of Georgia to Texada Island to load on to freighters there.

The company is accepting public comments on the proposed permit amendment until August 21st 2015.  Can you take a few minutes now to put your concerns about the proposed amendment on the public record?

Ocean going coal freighters docking in Surrey would mean more risk of oil spills and accidents in the Fraser and the Salish Sea, and we’re deeply concerned that once the Massey Tunnel is taken out Fraser Surrey Docks will want to bring longer, larger ships to Surrey to load even more coal. That’s not the future we want for our region.

The proposed amendment also raises concerns about other impacts, including emissions from idling ships docked in Surrey, and noise from ship loading operations.

Whether it’s exported by boat or by barge, this US coal is going to do serious damage to our climate when it is burned.  No matter how the coal is exported, a new coal port in Surrey also means more coal trains through our communities, bringing with them noise, traffic delays, diesel exhaust and coal dust.

Enough is enough: Let’s tell Fraser Surrey Docks that we don’t want ocean going coal freighters on the Fraser River.

Read other comments submitted on Fraser Surrey Docks’ permit amendment proposal here.

June 2015 open letter opposing US coal port in Surrey

— signed by more than 3000 people, delivered at the Port Authority AGM.

Read the letter here.

Review the +3000 signatories to the letter here, and the organizations endorsing the letter here.

Watch a video showing Paula Williams of Communities and Coal delivering the letter to Fraser Surrey Docks CEO Jeff Scott at the Port Authority AGM here.

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“We are organized, we are determined, and we will continue to fight this project in the courts, in the permitting process, and in the public arena.  We will not let this port be built.”

Paula Williams, Co-Founder of Communities and Coal