Ultimately, the future of Earth’s climate comes down to decisions about coal. – David Archer, The Long Thaw

It’s time the Province stood up for the people of BC on US coal exports!

The Port Authority isn’t listening to our concerns about the health, environment and climate impacts of coal export expansion.  They think they can decide acceptable levels of risk for our communities all by themselves, behind closed doors. It’s time for the BC government to protect the public interest.

Our Premier said she wants to “do the world a favour” by exporting LNG so Asian countries can stop burning dirty thermal coal.  She can do us all a favour by demanding a comprehensive health and environmental assessment of plans to export 8 million tonnes of US thermal coal from Surrey and Texada Island each year.

Can you ask the Premier, Environment and Health Ministers to take action?  Go here to send a message.

So far, our provincial government has avoided taking action on this issue:

The Port Authority has refused to collaborate with our Health Officers on a proper assessment of the health impacts of coal exports, and appeals to the province to step in have fallen on deaf ears.  Our Provincial Health Ministry says they are aware of public concerns, but that it’s not their role “to comment on the quality of the [Port's] process or the actual assessment.”

Our Environment Ministry encourages us to take part in the Port’s “ongoing consultation process.” Unfortunately there isn’t one, and the Port’s environmental impact assessment of coal exports was rejected as fundamentally flawed.

There is overwhelming support for comprehensive assessment of coal export plans among health and environmental experts, Health Authorities, local governments and the public, but the Port Authority may still push through approval of this project anyway — unless our provincial government stands up to them.

It’s time for the BC to protect the public interest!

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